Saona Island from my Experience:

Saona Island adventure was absolutely amazing!

 The guide on the bus was very nice and gave us some helpful instructions while  telling you a little bit of the history of Dominican Republic. We made a quick stop at the souvenir shop where you can find cute gifts for family and friends.

Don’t board the bus without trying Mamajuana, it’s very delicious and it’s also known as the Dominican Viagra!

You can also get cigars too if you like to smoke the good stuff  and Dominican candies which are very sweet, But if you’re a diabetic you may want to go easy on these, seriously!

When we got to La Romana we were asked if we wanted to do a speed boat ride first. It roughly takes to Saona Island in about 20 -25 minutes, or go by Catamaran and get there  in about 1 ½ hr.

I would advise you to go by catamaran first. If you go on the speed boat you get to the island much faster.

However,  if you go on the Catamaran first you get to relax, get some drinks, work on your  tan or you can dance with the crew if you want to.

After taking the Catamaran, we got to Saona Island and enjoyed a Dominican lunch, which was already served and waiting for us.

There are lots of beach chairs where you can relax or take a nap after lunch if you want to.

We had an amazing day! One of the best parts was the Dominican coffee after lunch.

Getting a chance to lay down on a beach chair with the marvelous view, fresh air and under the shade of a palm trees is priceless!

That dominican coffee really made my afternoon in Saona Island!

Try some Dominican coffee before leaving the Island It will really shake you off!

After having a relaxing day on one of the best beaches in the world we board the speed boat to head back home.

The speed boat is great to get back to La Romana quickly after all the sun and hot weather.

Before we got back to La Romana we made a 20 minute stop in the Natural pool.

Grab your camera and take a picture with a starfish. There are plenty of them there; that was really cool!

Saona Island was an unforgettable experience.

Dominican Republic is so beautiful and we hope you enjoy it for yourself very soon.

I’ll be looking forward to hear about your experience too!